SEAchange: Slains Environmental Action for change

Must-see new 3 min video

With graphics by Fiona Bell, and science facts from Prof Jo Smith this video is both fun and informative – illustrating what each of us can do to cut our carbon footprint to a smaller size. Cut a tonne in 21 !!

Ownership news!

As of 31st March, SEAchange now owns the land for creating a community woodland, as well as the kirk building with a small piece of land alongside the graveyard. We’re very grateful to the Scottish Land Fund for their grant award which has made this possible. We’re excited to be starting out on this new … Continue reading “Ownership news!”

Next Meeting

The next SEAchange meeting will be our AGM on 15th September 2021 at 7pm – which will be held online. You are very welcome to join the meeting – you will need a Microsoft Teams invitation link. To receive the link email seachange41@btinternet.com

SEAchange Meetings

SEAchange meetings are continuing online during this time when we can no longer gather in person.  You can follow what is happening here on the website, or on our Facebook page. You are welcome to join us for discussion and planning future action, sharing progress, and listening to invited speakers.  Fill in the website form, … Continue reading “SEAchange Meetings”

A Vital Step for SEAchange

SEAchange has been awarded a grant from The Scottish Land Fund, which enables the purchase of the old Slains Kirk building for community use, together with land on which to plant trees to begin to offset our community carbon footprint. This funding will be a big step forward in realising a community project which began … Continue reading “A Vital Step for SEAchange”

A Brief Outline

What we want to do and why Our vision is to become net carbon neutral as a community by 2045 at the latest, and to try to achieve net zero emissions as soon as possible. We aim to do this through changes in the ways we travel, the ways we heat our homes, the ways … Continue reading “A Brief Outline”


Longer Term: Running a café which will be a centre for sharing information about climate change and what individuals can do through lifestyle choices. There will be wall displays with information about low carbon living Our café will give a lead by example in sourcing all food as locally as possible, by providing exciting plant-based … Continue reading “Activities”

Grant Funding

We have already been awarded grant funding to develop this project. Our very warm thanks go to The Scottish Land Fund for their award of grant funding to purchase the Slains Kirk building for community use as a centre for the SEAchange project.They have also awarded us funding to purchase nearby land on which to … Continue reading “Grant Funding”


It will be a café that people will enjoy coming to, with a welcoming atmosphere of warmth and informality. The café will provide a place for people to meet each other on a drop-in basis – a need expressed by the community. Our café will give a lead by example in sourcing all food as … Continue reading “Cafe”