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Longer Term:

Running a café which will be a centre for sharing information about climate change and what individuals can do through lifestyle choices. There will be wall displays with information about low carbon living

  • Our café will give a lead by example in sourcing all food as locally as possible, by providing exciting plant-based menu choices, and in participating with local initiatives to use surplus food for community benefit, thereby creating as little waste as possible.
  • The café will also provide a place for people to meet each other informally – a need expressed by the community
  • Providing learning resources for local children and young people, in partnership with Slains School, especially with respect to the impacts of climate change, and ways to reduce our own carbon emissions.
  • Developing a continuing programme of educational, artistic, musical and other relevant activities for all ages
  • Providing training in practical skills, both in the café and the woodland environments
  • Training also in skills such as improved driving techniques to minimise fuel consumption
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