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Immediate and Short Term:

Regular activities so far have been planning meetings, consultation with the community, researching viability of the project, and writing funding applications – all of which will continue.

  • Now that we have been awarded grant funding by The Scottish Land Fund to purchase the Slains Kirk building, one priority will be to do the urgent repairs required to preserve it.
  • Collecting data on existing/reduced use of fossil fuels and other sources of greenhouse gas emissions, in partnership with students from the University of Edinburgh under the guidance of Professor Dave Reay.
  • Researching and providing information on ways to reduce our carbon footprints.
  • Hosting a series of open public talks on climate change, behaviour change, transport emissions and alternatives, the climate impacts of food and other relevant topics organised through Professor Pete Smith, in collaboration with Aberdeen Climate Action.
  • Working together as volunteers to plant trees, create paths and recreational woodlands.
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