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Where and who we are

SEAchange is a community group with all the members living locally.

We are in north east Scotland, on the coast twenty miles north of Aberdeen.

The group was born at a public event in Nov 2017 at the end of which 14 of those who came to the meeting signed up to meet further and to work on the ideas put forward that evening. We continued to consult the community, receiving ideas in email suggestions following community newsletter articles, online survey comments, a gala day stall, and an open coffee afternoon. Some people have moved away, and others have joined the group.

The group has been meeting regularly since then and has developed the SEAchange project to meet the needs and aspirations expressed by the community.

At first an informal community group, we adopted an interim constitution during 2018, and became a SCIO on 4th April 2019 SEAchange – Slains Environmental Action for change SCIO
Charity number SC049195

Our officially defined geographical base is the area represented by the Slains and Collieston Community Council.

We are already working in partnership with Slains School, and are in conversation with the Forvie Centre at the Forvie National Nature Reserve, run by Scottish Natural Heritage.

We have consulted members of other groups in our community – for instance the Slains and Collieston Community Council, the Collieston Offshore Rowing Club, the Collieston Development Group, the Collieston Harbour Heritage Group, and Collieston Action for Teens.

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