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The trees are being planted!!!

About two-thirds of the trees have now been planted, on beautiful warm sunny days. It’s going well, and we are excited to see our new woodland being created at last!

The trees are looking very healthy as they go in – native broadleaf, and caledonian scots pine – with some sycamore also forming part of the shelter belt around the perimeter. Sycamores are quick growing and we know they grow well in this area, which is important with our windblown coastal climate.

The deer fence has been in place for a few weeks, and we’re pleased how well it blends in to the colours of the field.

We’ll be giving you news about plans for Slains Kirk soon.
Meanwhile seeing the woodland taking shape after so long in the planning is something to celebrate!

Many thanks again to the Rural and Island Communities Ideas into Action Fund for making this possible – and earlier the Scottish Land Fund for the purchase of the land.


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