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What’s Happened Since

We are grateful to The Architectural Heritage Fund and to Formartine Area Committee for grant funding in 2019 which enabled an independent valuation of the land and kirk building, and to commission a feasibility report from Blue Nimbus Ltd.The feasibility report concluded that the size and location of the kirk building is suitable for conversion to a commercially run café, and that there is a market for this. Profits from the café would maintain the building and, in time, generate funds to contribute to other projects in the village. 

The grants also helped us explore options, through a building condition report, technical surveys and initial drawings by local architect, Stephen Brown. More recently, Just Enterprise has worked with us to review a business plan. These studies and reports, as well as your feedback, have helped us to develop options, and to identify and manage potential risks.

Photo: Ken Ingram

Upgrading the kirk could also provide a real example of how an old stone building could be used with minimal impact on the environment and provide examples of how we could all save energy in traditional local properties. The historic building would be repaired and preserved as an important feature in our village to be used by the community.

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