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Community Ballot Results

Thank you for the turn-out, and for registering your votes for and against the SEAchange project. 

We have received an email from Helen Barton, the independent consultant who organised the ballot.  Helen wrote:  

“headline results are:

74% in favour of the kirk proposal

75% in favour of the land proposal

40% overall turnout
(52% Collieston village)

The turnout level is very good for this type of ballot, and a very clear result here. A more detailed breakdown is included in the report attached. If there is anything else you need do let me know.

Best regards,

If anyone would like to join our emailing list to be notified about news, meetings and progress, do email us on:

You are very welcome to join in the next stages of the SEAchange project.

Many thanks again to you all,
from the SEAchange team

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