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Before you decide, come along to our Open Day on Saturday 16th November to see plans, hear more, and ask any questions we haven’t been able to answer here.

Ballot papers will be sent out to everyone on the electoral roll aged 16 and over. This will be conducted by an independent consultant and we will not see individual votes at any time. Like you, we will only be told the overall results.

In the ballot, you will be asked whether you would support the idea of working towards a carbon neutral community, with the kirk building and land, or just the land, being purchased as a centre for this project.

If the majority of people who vote agree to the purchase of the kirk building and land, SEAchange would make grant applications for funds to buy the property from the Church of Scotland, and to start to refurbish the building. If the vote favours purchase of the land only, SEAchange will make funding applications only for the land.

If there is not enough support for either of these options, then the Church of Scotland would proceed to put the building on the open market. The community would have no further say in future use or benefit from any profits made.

We would like to encourage you to vote, as this project will only go ahead if the Collieston and Slains community support it. We hope you agree that this is an exciting and sustainable project, with long term benefits for the whole community.

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