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Our Vision

Our vision has two strands which complement each other.  We want to work towards becoming a carbon neutral community to inspire us to live within the resources of our planet. We aim to demonstrate by example, learning together what could be done to reduce our carbon footprint, our waste and our use of plastics; and hold study sessions with experts in different areas related to environmental protection.

We hope that a cafe where we could gather would foster friendships and a sense of belonging, celebrating art, music and our heritage, here, where the land is being continually shaped by the sea. Consultation suggests there is a need for drop-in opportunities to meet others, especially in the winter when people can feel isolated and lonely.

Positive outcomes for the community

• Managing this project together as a community will, in itself, provide a feeling of increased opportunities for achieving aspirations.

• Our project’s aim to work in practical ways towards becoming a carbon neutral community will not only make an important contribution to the future environment, it will also provide a focus around which we can come together as a community.

• The café will provide a place for people to meet each other informally – a need expressed by the community. Some people feel lonely especially through the winter, and would value a drop-in place to meet others.

• Teamwork in planting trees and making paths will also help achieve this.

• It will provide important biodiversity habitats, as Collieston and Slains is a significant site for both common and rare migratory birds.

• Interest in wildlife, with time spent in the fresh air observing, has the outcome of a sense of wellbeing at any age – with added educational benefit for children in our community.

• Another project outcome will be reduced heating costs for individuals, something that has been identified as a problem, with some people struggling to keep warm.

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